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Reviews for "Eisydian Saga"

awesome touhou clone one thing though that i enjoyed about that series is that when you were fighting a boss there would be a dot on the bottom of the screen to indicate where he is. its so helpful when theres a million bullets on screen and you basically cant even look 10 inches above your character because youre dodging so many bullets.

hot looking chicks and the artwork for them is good. As far as gameplay and a verical shooter its not really that great, but its not horrible.

This game is excellent. The controls are simple, good replay value and great story.
P.S Keep up the good work =)

Great stuff, good dialogue, gameplay and the game looks pretty nice overall.
My favorite part is the music, love it! It's pretty challenging to at times.

Amazing that this is your first attempt at a game..

great vertical shooter, especially being your first game. always dig when there's an RPG/upgrade aspect to it too. art could be improved, but not really that big a deal either.

anyone have any specific tips for getting through Impossible, Survival, and Ultimate Showdown? I'm looking at you too, Aesica Studios

Aesica responds:

Thanks. :D As for getting through those levels (especially on the Impossible difficulty) you just need fast (and precise) reflexes. Since survival and showdown can be completed on any difficulty for their respective achievements, I highly suggest switching to normal difficulty to complete them. Lastly, a general tip: When you get hit and your shields are activated, bull-rush the boss. Even though blade shield isn't as powerful against bosses as it is against normal enemies, it's still extra damage. You can also use shield time to clear away annoying crap, such as those giant spinning stars. Just watch the shield bar if you choose to do either of these things.