Reviews for "Siege Knight"

Very good game; I'd like to point out a few things that would make the game a lot better:

-Adding the number of total enemies left in a wave; it becomes annoying, specially in the last level, not knowing when the wave will end.
-Pausing the game while in the traps menu would help, too.
-Making the Sorcerer upgrades better; they're just crappy now.

Tyler responds:

Cool glad you liked it (for the most part!).

I saved the kingdom and vanquished the evil forces! Great, game yawn... made me sleepy -.- thank you for this kinda relaxing game was pretty easy and fun :)

Excellent game, loved it all the way to the end. I also liked how the screen moves with the cursor, the art, and the upgrades. The ghosts were quite annoying though.

Tyler responds:

Cool man, glad you liked it!


This is a good game! Screw these two idiots below me!