Reviews for "Siege Knight"

4.5 would put 5 but i want the developer to complain about my review? Jk good job. It was too hard for me...but great game. Will 5 star it. Interesting...has several waves. The only complain I have is there is no reward for sending the wave early like other games. Other than that I am just not good enough maybe.

Nice game! Oh, and the victory screen is SOO CUUUUTE I can't even :'DDDDDD

If anything, to help reduce lag, I would suggest that the last wave of each level does NOT drop coins. As the game stands right now, coins are only useful in-between waves for rearranging the elements (traps, knights, archers, barricades, ice trigger thingies, etc), and especially at the later levels, the sheer amount of useless coins dropping adds a LOT to the lag.

Stickman defenders! #StickmansFTW!

Thought it was pretty good, but also a lot's of room to make an even greater game. Hope you guys follow up with a sequel :)

Tyler responds:

Thanks man! :D

Funny you should mention a sequel, because there's a "spiritual successor" to this game my team finished the other month. Will be out soon; look for it!

This is a good game! Screw these two idiots below me!