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Reviews for "Siege Knight"

I saved the kingdom and vanquished the evil forces! Great, game yawn... made me sleepy -.- thank you for this kinda relaxing game was pretty easy and fun :)

Pros: Easy to learn and jump into. Interesting blend of defense and tower defense. Upgradable skills with a reset button also a plus. Nice variety of enemies (I friggin' hate those slimes...). Being able to replay stages for level grinding also a plus.
Cons: Little simple, not having many types of traps or weapons means not many different sets of tactics; every battle was arrows, cannon, arrows, ice/fireball, repeat with trap building between waves.
Other: The fireball/iceball combo was a little neat, but tricky to pull off unless you devote lots of points into both skills; be neat to expand on this idea for other tactics. All in all, it's a pretty good game. I can see the influence of a few other games here (probably just coincidence though), but not in a bad way. Could greatly expand on this game by added several traps, weapons, skills, but as is, it's certainly not a bad game. I like it.

It's fun in the beginning, but at about the second-last level everything is just so big and powerful that the best defense will be torn asunder. If I were to make a suggestion, I'd ask for another tier of upgrades. being an extra defender at the top of your wall to help pick off monsters on the field with special damage to the drakes. The protector tree would have some temporary invincibility thing for your traps with a long cooldown. Champion would have a second archer on the top that could focus on monsters in any line and do extra damage to drakes. Sorcerer could stop time, along with you and your traps, so you could reset you traps.

I've also had problems focusing damage specifically on the drakes in the levels since the orcs and elementals are so large my arrows hit them rather than the drakes I'm directly focusing on.

Overall, a fun game. I'd be interested in seeing a second version, maybe a little more to it.

pretty good game at the start but then it just gets repetitive as it goes on

82%.................It wont update from 82% lol..

Tyler responds:

Thats a new one. Can you PM what browser you're using?