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Reviews for "Siege Knight"

Excellent game, loved it all the way to the end. I also liked how the screen moves with the cursor, the art, and the upgrades. The ghosts were quite annoying though.

Tyler responds:

Cool man, glad you liked it!

Started off fun, but after restarting the second level for the 4th time just because you couldn't give the explosive blobs an accurate hitbox I gave up.

Tyler responds:

"couldn't give the explosive blobs an accurate hitbox I gave up."

The blob has an overly-generous hitbox actually. Sounds like you need to practice your accuracy/timing.

Ingame strategic pause (to orded traps building) will be very usefull. Or asigning traps to letters. Changing from weapons to trpas, then selecting trap, then placing it... then switching to weapons again... it takes too much time.

Good game, but it cleared my data and it isn't worth starting all over again.

Entertaining and bit hard in some places. I've played many games like this one, but this one has its' own specialties. Not bad