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Reviews for "Siege Knight"

nice game good graphics though maybe slow down slimes a bit and its perfect

The slimes are WAAAAAY too powerful... Other than that great game.

4 stars for fun game but you lost a star because it was to easy
spike traps where over powered with the money upgrade almost every level has a wave of easy creeps that only require 4 or so spike traps per lane to farm and they drop extra gold points invested in the perk which really adds up...
in combo with the shotty and cannon it made it to easy. i got to level 8 using only spike traps im writing this review before beating the game but so far all these "its to hard" reviews are lame i find it the opposite... haven't tried magic but personally i think this game would only get easier with more weapons... i recommend removing the cool down on weapons that you don't have selected the fact that they recharge while using something else means you put out way to much dmg to fast... i can spam shotgun while my cannon recharges fire it and then quickly switch back to the shotgun.
another suggestion is perhaps a new trap that hits flyers? or traps that do particulary well against specfic enemy types? such as something effective vs ghosts or something good vs the wierd fire demons in level 5 or 6...
all in all a fun game and id like to see a sequal! maybe like buy weapons with gold obtained from finishing levels and then points get used in proficiencys? id like a more advanced weapons upgrade beside just putting 5 points to up dmg so like getting money to upgrade dmg,cd,atk speed, aoe etc could be a unique avenue to explore. fun game keep it up!

Good game, although I'm not sure it's possible to beat it without basically having a ton of archers. Maybe a barricade/spike/barricade/spike setup might work; but I feel like archers are over powered to the point where it is pretty much necessary to have several rows of them on the last levels and knights are very under powered to the point of being near useless (maybe they would work as a double barricade (having a barricade behind them) but only after you already have tons of gold. They aren't cost effective at all.

Nice little game. Not too hard nice graphics, familiar BGM but that doesn't matter. Not so much on the story wise though. However it's imaginable that you have to stop the bad guys from raiding your town.
Looking forward for future sequels.