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Reviews for "Siege Knight"

Good game, but the last level took way too long. I beat it first try, but man, it was neverending.

Good game bro, nice graphics.

Pretty dang fun, the only real flaws are that stars seem pointless and it's too hard to get 3 stars on level 9. It would also be a cool feature to have a game mode where you pick out as many types of monsters you fight. example: 200 skeletons, 99 goblins, 350 spiders, & 32 orcs, starting money: 200.
Great game but making the stars do something like more weapons & traps that you need a amount of stars to use would also be a great addition to this already great game. :)

Tyler responds:

Glad you liked it. An endless/firefight type mode is definitely something that crossed our minds while developing this, but ultimately, balancing for something that was to last forever seemed pretty daunting at the time. I too sometimes kind of wish the feature made the cut :/

this is a great game ^_^

nice game good graphics though maybe slow down slimes a bit and its perfect