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Reviews for "Siege Knight"

really fun game

really fun game

Very fun game, I got to say: there's something about the clic sounds that made me really happy.

i beat the game, all 10 lvls 5 stars.. and all ive got to say is, thank you <|:3

Fun game but definately room for improvement. The first 7 levels or so were dang easy, I got perfect score there first try. But when I reached level 8 it was as if I hit a brick wall. MAN what was that tough! It was refreshing, good thing I could re-arrange the skills because archers alone weren't gonna cut it from then on :-p.

I think the sound-effects are not good enough considering the repetativeness of this game. I keep hearing the exact same sounds/noices over and over because I keep killing the same monsters every time. Some extra dieing-soundeffects could change that.
Level 8, 9 and 10 is just about casting spells untill my fingers hurt. Fire, Ice and occasional lightning with canon all the time. It got boring really and the end cinametic was a bit lame. I had to grind for about an hour just to get a screen saying "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay", without any soundeffects at all.

The graphics were good ánd fun. The monsters looked funny so the grinding wasn't annoying to look at (only annoying to listen to in my opinion). Thumbs up for the graphics!

Storyline was as thin as a cracker. That thinness (is that a word?) lead to an anticlimatic ending. I think you didn't try to distinguish from other games by storyline which is okay. Some very little work could here do marvels!
I see some evil-skull-gate at the end of the journey but that gate isn't involved in the story (or any of the levels) at all. So what is that gate doing there?
Adding the picture of a new item/skill/unit to each of the level-screens would fill in the 'blanks' in experiencing. It would give more depth to the storyline because I would no longer just read 2 thin lines about the storyline - I'd have something real to look at in between levels :-).

The first few levels were just about the shooting. It didn't prepare me for the later levels which caused the brick-wall effect, at least it did for me. Other games prevent this brick-wall by forcing players to use spells. For instance, Kingom Rush (From Armor Games) forces you to use certain towers because other towers are not available. So leaving out certain game elements forces players to use other elements of the game, thus they get familiar with those elements as well. Some game developers like to smoothly introduce new things in the game without forcing the players to use those new things. Good thing about that is that the player is free to do what he wants whatever he wants. It also keeps the game a bit simple. The downside is that you'll be unprepared for the later levels (because you really need an allround defence there!), which may be a turn-off for some players. They could feel flabbergasted like 'omg, what just hit me!?'.

Now stars that you can achieve were rubbish. I'm sorry to say it and I really don't like to use that word. I replayed levels for nothing!!! A total whaste of time which was (again...) anticlimatic. No Newgrounds-related achievements for a perfect run whatsoever. Big, big turn off for me. In face, the game would've been better if you just left that star-system out. Now players have expectations about the star-system ("it has to mean SOMETHING, right!?!?") and those expectations aren't met.

Let's end with something nice. I really liked all the different backgrounds! Top notch :-)! It's abvious a lot of work went into that. Lovin' it!

This game DOES have potential. Kick in some achievements, something for in between the levels (better music/song for the main screen?) and make certain levels with archer-only or spell-only kind of things. Keep up the good work! :-)