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Reviews for "Siege Knight"

Pretty good game. Graphics are nice and no major design flaws. My only complaint is how OP the cannon is. I find myself using it nonstop throughout entire levels. Maybe it should get a bump in damage and a cooldown time or something, just so that it isn't a rape machine.

Tyler responds:

Cool glad you liked it. Update: cannon damage upgrade nerfed by 5/10/15/20% based on yours and others feedback. Thanks!

Fun defense game

Pretty fun and original idea

Pretty good game. Only two major complaints.
First, the difficulty ramps too quickly, with level 1 being basically impossible to lose and level 2 being basically impossible to beat without serious exp grinding.
Second, it's awkward to switch between building and shooting. You have to stop shooting to click build, hotkey the building, click the building location, click cancel after construction starts, then click weapons, hotkey your weapon, and then start shooting again. Ideally, all weapons and buildings should be in the same tab, and you should be able to click/hotkey any of them at any time. The construction cursor should also disappear after you place one, so that you can immediately begin shooting again. Maybe hold shift for the multi-place?
Other than those two things, the game is pretty fun, and I could see myself playing it all the way through.

Tyler responds:

Glad you found it fun. As for your building concern, try tab button; makes switching a breeze :]

defiantly fun and addicting