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Reviews for "The Leperchaun"

did anybody else notice pinky and the brain in the background? at the 1st 17 seconds

The lip synch for Dr. Monster when he emphasizes 'Le-PER-chaun' was poorly done as well as the female choir and random conductor with the Kanye shades. The side-view for the Leapordchaun was also very lacking.

Otherwise the music and animation was excellent, catchiest song since 'I Love Living in the Future' by Akira the Don (animated by Wonchop.)

Minus half a star because the purple guy's voice got on my nerves. Other than that, well done! I mean, really. The song was funny and catchy. It was humorous and I enjoyed the animation :3

I keep coming back to watch this, and just keep loving it more and more each time! The only real thing that caught my eye was to maybe add a bit more detail to the backgrounds, but that's really nit picky since the character animation was so well done. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go get the song on itunes.

Pretty catchy and good but... the crew gave this the MOVIE OF THE YEAR 2013?!?! It's not even April yet! Why Newgrounds? At least wait till December so you have more choices. (Not saying this is bad at all, I'm just confused.)