Reviews for "nazi slayer"


just watching this made me want to be russian... after that, i'll jizz in my pants. Thats how good it is

dommi-fresh responds:

whoa orgazmic

Holy shit!!!

all ntzis must die!!!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

die or be reasoned with? no your right die

You sure know WWII Weapons

True what dd2111 said, but the truth is that Everyone thinks nazis suck because they lost the war. If they had won we will think of them as heros :P
But fuck nazis, THE USSR KICKS ASS

dommi-fresh responds:

a very good point.


The title says enough. Kinda reminds me of the That psycho undead asassin in hellboy1, though. Only that guy was a nazi.

dommi-fresh responds:

yea i know what you mean he is a bad ass character actually.


I have been looking at your art for a while... and i have to say its fan- fuckin- tastic! great work!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanking you much