Reviews for "nazi slayer"


this is just amazing reminds me a lot of the art from hellboy
its great
and power to the Jews man the only good nazi is a dead nazi

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks mignola is a great inspiration his art is amazing.


Just read 2 cmments that i thought i wrote myself i thought i wlooked like a helghast tooh, and i only just finished WAW xD

v cool pik though1 :D

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks man i should find out about this helghast thing.

Oh mother russia

you know the reason that the nazis dont won the WW2 was because they atacked russia

P.S: I know my english sucks

dommi-fresh responds:

well at least you are aware of that.


if i was a nazi i would be scared ****less

dommi-fresh responds:

i would be pretty terrified if i was just near that dude let alone a nazi


dommi-fresh responds: