Reviews for "nazi slayer"


im a history freak and my favorite part in the book is world war 2 I really like this picure!
And i also
like the way the Walther P38 is drawn or is that a Luger '08?

dommi-fresh responds:

its a walter me thinks

Blah, blah and blah

To be honest with you, this picture reminds me of Gone with the Blastwave.

dommi-fresh responds:

tbh i have no idea what that is


and i repeat all your art is so fucking cool and the nacis go to the shit!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

uh huh?

"Maybe fake?"....

Psh...Seriously, some people are fucking idots...

Awesome work, General.
I've got chills.
I expect to see more FUCK-YES here in the future!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks dude. some people are just fucking dumb.

Looks like Ze Captain passed through the time! Good job!

dommi-fresh responds:

i have no idea who that is but cheers