Reviews for "nazi slayer"

Hu dun dar did it

Is he ok?

dommi-fresh responds:

no he is dead

love it :)

its awsome and i also happen to love WW2

dommi-fresh responds:

every one loves war.


Really cool art, love the drawing and the very nive details :)

its just strange cuz the russian character looks a lot like karl ruprecht kroenen from hellboy in witch he is a nazi x)

keep up the good work brother, heres a 10 :)

dommi-fresh responds:

he was a nazi but he was a cool nazi.


pp-sh of doom

dommi-fresh responds:

0.0 you have my pic as your icon!!! epic!

Pretty badass man

Kinda looks like the guys off Killzone more than Fallout lol Did the russians actually wear masks like that or is that for BA effect lol

dommi-fresh responds:

its for BA effect but if gas was released they would be wearing gas masks. but that was used in WW1 mostly