Reviews for "nazi slayer"

epic art dude

And the dumbass below me needs to learn some history the thompson is american that's the ppsh40 its was the russian smg in ww2 and the pistol is a walther p38 it was a german sidearm in ww2

dommi-fresh responds:

aw well he knows more about guns then me

Sweet Man.....

Fricking awsome, like how you had the correct wepons for that time, Thompson Submachine gun and a Ruger. Nice man, 10/10 5/5, Good Job

dommi-fresh responds:

yea that was my cousins idea the guns were very specific

"Maybe fake?"....

Psh...Seriously, some people are fucking idots...

Awesome work, General.
I've got chills.
I expect to see more FUCK-YES here in the future!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks dude. some people are just fucking dumb.

this is fk'in amazing

you have in spired me to perfect my art once more

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks man

Pretty badass man

Kinda looks like the guys off Killzone more than Fallout lol Did the russians actually wear masks like that or is that for BA effect lol

dommi-fresh responds:

its for BA effect but if gas was released they would be wearing gas masks. but that was used in WW1 mostly