Reviews for "nazi slayer"


Just love the artwork, and that's what i'm rating x)
If i have to complain about something it is the "ppsh m1941 gun". The fifth hole on the pipe (the one at the end) should be a little bit shorter than the others ;D

dommi-fresh responds:

sorry that my handrawn gun is not an exact replica


Man i love stuff like this,the gun really does look like the ppsh in Call Of Duty:World At WAR.nice details on the blood and the gore i really like that!

dommi-fresh responds:

thats good then. cheers

Wermacht beware...

its General Nightmare!

dommi-fresh responds:

some say he made hitler himself piss his pants


This mask reminds me of HUNK from resident evil : The Mercenaries

dommi-fresh responds:

don't think i know of hunk


Sir you are a Genius this is amazing detail and realistic blood 11/10 Best art on the whole of NG and i mean that. It also reminds me of Boon of fallout new vegas and Reznov of Call Of Duty Nice work , oh yeah and you shoul check out my art im a beginner but well i can draw some shit :P

dommi-fresh responds:

ok i will