Reviews for "nazi slayer"

not gonna lie..

they should make 1st person shooter game with this guy i would definitly play it

dommi-fresh responds:

that would be badass

For the mother land....

The comrade stomped on the fascist pigs balls shooting him..

dommi-fresh responds:

for the mother land


I envy your imagination...

dommi-fresh responds:

i envy your face

russian fight

I love the detail shading, pose and subject. You are WONDAHFUL!

dommi-fresh responds:


awesome job

the pose on the russian dude, the color and composition are awesome. i like the shading done on the german dude and i wonder what medium you used. i wanna say watercolor or prisma markers but great job with color again. i can see some sketch lines in the background but thats nothing to worry about. i dig the blown off finger action you have going on and one thing i think would've been cool is if you used thicker line work with the german dude to get that perspective. a bloody spurt-y effect from the bullet hole in his chest and some blood on those boots, i woulda shit my pants.
great job dude. the pose and the angles make this drawing fukkin awesome. you rock

dommi-fresh responds:

glad you like it dude and yea it was wwatercolour