Reviews for "nazi slayer"


i like the graphics, it looks like something out of wolf stein turned into a comic. i noticed the Luger in the germans hand is very detailed, but the hand is about as big as the head. i also love how you have variated/customized the Russian uniform & gas mask to suit your looks, despite the fact that some people are saying: "hey, dude u got the uniform wrong & the gas mask doesn't have the tank" & stuff like that. i hope to see more like this!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks matey... its nice to hear from someone who isn't and expert in war!


A PPSH-41 vs a Walther P38 pistol. A unfair advantage that makes an awsome picture. SWEEEET!!!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

well the results says it all.


cool man. the russian looks like a general (the hat and jacket) the nazis is just a odanary inf man also the gun (russian gun looks like i has a scope

dommi-fresh responds:

i know what you mean but its not a scope i was looking at photos of the gun before i drew it and they have this little lump at the top that looks like a scope but its not.
i am not a gun expert so i dunno what its called or anything


i have to say is your art is amazing you are the best artist on new grounds

dommi-fresh responds:

wow thanks mate i honored but there are other artists with alot better skills than me on the site.


goddamn nazis

dommi-fresh responds:

well said