Reviews for "nazi slayer"

Very well done.

It looks very nice, I love it.

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks alot buddy



dommi-fresh responds:


Appleshotgun should get shot. period

anyways down to the artwork , i like the style .

i like the choice of guns , tell your cousin that if you want ^^.

and to anyone saying anything bad about the Russians during WWII , just remember without Russia Germany would have conquered Europe and America.

dommi-fresh responds:

exactly! well said mob master.
i will tell my cousin thanks

Most excellent

San Dimas football rules!

dommi-fresh responds:

i hate football.

Good but..

Stalin killed 5 times of many people as Hitler but Hitler is accused of being the worst man to live. I like the picture but at least Nazi's where actually fighting for their country while Russians fought for what there leader told them. fucking Russians and Nazi's. I'm a Nationalist and live in USA I am not a Nationalist Socialist no where even close but I agree with what the Germans wanted to get rid of all the shit in Europe.

dommi-fresh responds:

yes i am aware that stalin in terms of killing people is much more evil than hitler... infact alot of people already know stalin was worse than hitler. however russia was still an ally in world war 2 and germany was the invaders.
rate the art not the history