Reviews for "Maze Game"

I thought it has potential so i give it 5 stars! give the guy a break guys!

pretty fub cept me ocupide for hours

The game is incredibly short, however with more levels and rising in difficulty I think this could be a fun and challenging game

HaakonKj responds:

I'm working on it.

I understand that a lot of ppl are a bit furious when it comes to specific games that may seem to be boring to them, but I believe your game really works well. it was an idea that was created that works if continuously worked upon. If you do decide to put in a lot more levels as well as a mini soundtrack, that may be a bonus to some players. The game works well if you actually picture the way it was made. Keep up the good work.

Despite the fact that it is one level only, I also think it should be improved graphically!
(Also what I noticed is when u start on the green square, the maze jumps some pixels to the left.)

I would suggest to make an anti-right mouse click button. Now u can just right-click when u start and hover your mouse to the finish.

I like this sort of games, however there are many already!
So maybe you could make some distinctive features.

Looking forward to see improvements!

HaakonKj responds:

I am working on further improvements.