Reviews for "Maze Game"

There's only one simple level!
This game is either obviously unfinished or just spam.
If you are not just a spammer go improve the game then submit it again.

Right click and finish the game.

Maze games are everywhere, and this one has nothing special about it. It entertained me for 0.2 seconds before I got bored. Also, you can cheat a number of different ways. Try to add some sort of original concept to make this game unique. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Good luck on future games!

if you click and hold you can just move through the walls

so many other games like this needs more development

only one lvl

if you do build on this game i would suggest this as the beginning level, then make the maze longer and shorter space between the walls.
Also add music and maybe effect the mouse by changing the cursor.
overall, as it is just the one maze and it was REALLY easy 1.5 is what i rate it