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Reviews for "Cloud Wars - Sunny Day"

Pretty good game1

its kinda boring,i like it! :D

I like it! The music isn't half bad.

Mediocre, a concept already seen dozen of times but sadly not well developed in this clone.
The first thing missing in fact of gameplay mechanics is the possibility to attack simultaneously with more than one cloud which is an important feature used in every other title of the same kind; the gameplay feel slow and laggy and the music gets boring surprisingly fast.
The poor art and some power up are not enough to keep the game going: no real feature or in-game depht that makes me keep on playing till the end.. Another waste of medals..
Try Civilizations Wars, it's the same concept but as it should be done.

FlappyB responds:

You can select multiple clouds to attack simultaneously.
Gameplay is slow on Easy mode, faster on Hard mode.
Everything else is a matter of taste.

This was a fun game! I liked the concept back when it was in its viral stage, but with clouds, and upgrades, it's so much more fun! The expressions of the clouds as you are looming close liven up the experience as well. Controls took a while to learn, but once they were learned, they were easy, and that space shortcut to save all is a real life-savor on some levels. Nice work!