Reviews for "Howmonica"

wow level 41 is crazy freaking teleporter in jetpack joyride!

Fun game, reminds me a lot of vvvvvv. The only thing i find wrong is that the difficulty curve is kind of all over the place. some levels are really hard and the next one is really really easy. anyway, its a good game overall

Hard but enjoyable

Thanks for making this

I really like this game! Kind of hard though!! Great job creating it! 5 stars all the way!! It's funny catchy and the little Cupcake bunny is adorable and it can easily keep someone entertained for hours and you have to have a lot of skill to do it Level 9 got me stuck for a while then level 13 was REALLY hard! Then level 15 stuck me and thats where I am right now... trying to take a break and figure out how to get passed it! GREAT JOB!

TheSpydog responds:

Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed it so much. :)

Wow! i really enjoy this game!! :) i like the concept and the art is very nice too!
I just need to take a break because lvl 42 is killing me :D
Great! :)

TheSpydog responds:

Haha, thank you! :)