Reviews for "Howmonica"

Great game man, but WOW, it's so damn difficult to beat! It took me 35 minutes...for 50 levels...like 1 minute and a half for each level....considering that I beat the initial ones so quick (less than 1 minute) and the final levels took me forever....but you have my 5 vote (for efforts and soundtrack) and 4 stars for the very insanely high difficult at the end.

TheSpydog responds:

Thank you! It is really challenging at the end. But hey, you were able to beat it! Congratulations on overcoming the many obstacles in your path to victory! :D Haha, thanks for playing!

I hate you for the evil level design and myself for being unable to give up till the end.

TheSpydog responds:

Haha! Thanks for playing!

Great game, it was so long I played a really good flash game like this one. Congratulations for this game!

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks so much! :)

Wow... I haven't struggled that hard to finish a game in a long time. In a good way! Really nice game, I liked the controls, color scheme, and difficulty. By the end I know that I will probably never been this game again! Very cool, good job, and thanks for the game!

TheSpydog responds:

Haha, sweet! :D Really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

That was the most fun I've had playing a flash game in a very, VERY long time. The graphics were as retro, cute and clear as they needed to be, the levels were challenging without being pretentious (The final level.

Oh dear lord do you need to have climbed up that difficulty curve to clear THAT one!

Good luck! It's totally worth it, not for the ending, but for having beaten it legitimately, and having had fun the whole time.

Thank you, Mr. TheSpyDog. You are all shades of awesome. Never stop making games, and the whole world will continue to benefit from your awesome level design, themes, and addicting gameplay.


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The end is so sombre. Silence over credits. It would have been great to actually HAVE an ending, but to be honest, you know what they say. In game design, it's the journey there, not the arrival.
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I will definitely be looking at the other games you have made!

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks so much! :D I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much. And thanks for that encouragement! I plan on making games for as long as I can. :)

Yeah, I agree. I wish the ending could have been better. Even just a music loop would have been great. However - and this might sound kind of bad - by the time I made the ending, I was really just wanting to get the game finished as soon as possible. I didn't have any extra music tracks to use for it, and so I just kept it quiet. My apologies for disappointing you with that.