Reviews for "Howmonica"

A) Simple controls that are easy to grasp yet really takes some time and skill to master (I would personally have preferred something not as "slow" as a spacebar but there's wrapping options out there so I couldn't realistically consider this bad controls by any means)

B) Unobtrusive music that fits the atmosphere and doesn't distract from the game

C) Objectives that gradually increase in difficulty over time instead of a massive brickwall after a few levels

D) Options for levels in case of being stuck on a particular stage and moving on.

This game is a prime example of using K.I.S.S. to make a game that's engaging, fun, simple and yet incredibly difficult at the same time. Extremely well done.

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Really glad you enjoyed it! :)

Level 50 and counting... kinda easy untill level 40 but I give 5 stars because it was difficult... not VERY difficult for me, but it's ok...

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks! Level 50 is the last level, so if you beat that then you've finished the game! :D

It's kinda hard, but not as hard as you made it out to be. It's kinda cool!

TheSpydog responds:

Cool, thanks! I think a lot of people would disagree with you about that difficulty level, but hey, I guess not everybody has your mad skillz. ;) Thanks for playing!

Nothing new, kinda cute, made me ragequit, lol.

TheSpydog responds:

Ha, well thanks for playing anyway!

Good game, with a nice soothing music, perfect controls, and the difficult level design this is freaking perfect but for me it's a bit easy(don't mean to boast) but what the heck it's good game.

Oh! one more thing if there is a sequel to this game can you make the level design even harder but fun so the people who's playing this game will be mesmerize by it

In other words great game.

TheSpydog responds:

Oh wow, thanks! :D I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I have plans for the future of this game, so there may be even more fun and challenging levels to come!