Reviews for "Howmonica"

Love this game, its a short fun experience. The difficulty curve went up smoothly (even though I think lvl. 50 was easier than 49). I did think the difficulty could be a bit harder. The controls are really smooth on how the gravity change was not instant, but in a little curving fashion. The game had a nice pace and I love how the new blocks are introduced; in its own level

TheSpydog responds:

Cool, thanks! Opinions seem to differ quite a bit about the whole "is level 50 harder than level 49" deal, but I'm glad you enjoyed it overall. And I'm glad you noticed how momentum affects the gravity flipping. Thanks for playing! :)

I wanted to wait until I had the game finished before I gave this a review. Simply put, it's a cute monster of a game. The graphics are bright, the character is adorable, and the music is so calm yet poppy at the same time. Minni is a great little mascot.

However, under its cuteness, it is a game that will make you ragequit at least once, I guarantee some of you. The difficulty is a good one though and you will come back to see if maybe, with a few tries, you can beat all 50 levels. New obstacles are introduced is a well-paced manner and you get used to them once you progress. For what it is, there is nothing that I would give this game except a 5/5.

I think my only complaint was that I wanted to play more. I strongly urge you to make a sequel for this and, if possible, allow it to have a level editor and the ability to share levels. I would also suggest maybe making a level select screen as opposed to flipping through the levels.

TheSpydog responds:

Great review! I think calling it a "cute monster of a game" perfectly fits what I was aiming for. :) Really glad you enjoyed it! I considered putting a level editor in this game with a sharing feature, but it was a more difficult task than I imagined! Same with the level select screen. But if I do make a sequel, I will certainly keep those suggestions in mind! Thanks!

gravity flipping is nothing new but this is fast and simple. i like the dificulty, levels are getting smoothly harder and not repeating itself. i find myself trying some hard levels again and again, just to see what's coming next but i had to stop when teleporters came not huge fan of them. :S

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks! Why are you not a fan of the teleporters? :'(

fucking hard

Loved it. The presentation was spot on, and the design, while it's like VVVVVV but you can invert in the air, it's pretty nice.

The only thing I didn't like it's like most levels I felt had more than necessary boxes to paint. And in some you always have some boxes around you that you have to first paint to then begin the level. This get's pretty annoying when you repeat a level over and over.

Pretty cool!

TheSpydog responds:

Thank you so much! :) I understand the complaint about having to paint boxes around you. I intended it to be kind of an aesthetic thing. A set of blocks around you looks (and, I think, feels) better than just one. It's also easier to slam into a spike by mistake when there's only one or two blocks underneath you. I get what you're saying, though. I'll keep that in mind in the future. Glad you enjoyed it overall! :)