Reviews for "Howmonica"

Cupcake bunnies are my favorite kind of snack bunnies.

TheSpydog responds:

They're quite delicious. :)

Very challenging. Fitting music. Great job.

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks! :D

Level 49 was way harder than 50 - did that on my first try so it felt like a bit of an anticlimax.
Other than that, great fun. Tough, but not too tough.

TheSpydog responds:

Yeah, opinions seem to be pretty split about the whole "Is 49 harder than 50" debate. I intended 50 to be the ultimate test of the most simple actions in the game - moving and flipping. Sorry it didn't work out that way for you, but at least that means you've mastered the controls. :) Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it overall.

A good game, but it's very annoying.

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks? Haha

music 5/5

graphics 5/5

control 5/5

dificulty 5/5


TheSpydog responds:

Thanks a bunch! :D