Reviews for "Howmonica"

entertaining and cute! The best part about it was the soundtrack, I can tell good work was put into it. I actually stopped playing and surfed the internet with the game as background music for a little while haha

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks! Haha, that's funny. I've done that before too! :) You can download the music tracks for your personal listening pleasure here on Newgrounds, if you like!

this game is awesome! but there are no spikes. there are actually saws.

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks! Are saws spiky? I think so. :) So either one works, haha! I've also heard them be called "cog wheels", which I guess works too. Thanks for playing!

Really great game
difficult, but fun
want more

TheSpydog responds:

Thanks! I have more planned for the future. :)

Redundant, Frustrating, and Boring

First off the presentation is cute, but everything is just so small and it can be straining to the eyes. You don't need everything to be this small for the design of the stages, a lot of them are made simply so you have stuff to avoid. It was so small that I didn't even know what my character was until I read your description and I have to say, that does not look like a bunny. The gameplay is a neat idea and I liked the use of the blocks, but after a while it just turns from a gravity based platformer to an avoiding game in avoiding spikes. It is important to learn that objects like spikes are meant to be obstacles to challenge the player, you don't make an entire room or multiple stages with them as barriers, if you want barriers then have walls. There was a lot of creativity into this idea, but the level design just doesn't support it... it just makes the game annoying. Also for 50 levels the presentation certainly doesn't change up enough. The game just comes off as entirely bland. The music choice and sound effects were pretty good. Controlling my character was easy enough, but without the proper level design there's really no point. The concept is great, but the gameplay and presentation suffer. Not bad, but not good either.

|| Cheers ||
*Okay Presentation
*Great Sound
*Superb Music
*Superb Controls
*Okay Gameplay
*Great Concept

|| Jeers ||
*Presentation - Too Small
*Gameplay - Level Design

TheSpydog responds:

Interestingly, you're the first person to point out on here about the small graphics. Doesn't seem to be a major concern with most people! Fair enough, though, I can see where you're coming from there.

As for figuring out what your character was...I'm surprised that it wasn't immediately obvious. It's the only thing on-screen that's not text, a background, or a block. And it's bouncing up and down. I guess if you were having trouble seeing the images, then the subtle bouncing would be hard to notice. One of my friends said the character looked like a cupcake, another one thought it looked like a bunny. So I combined them, and so it is officially a "Cupcake Color Bunny".

I personally think that the game is more interesting with spike mazes. Walls would be dull! Every object in the game affects gameplay - spikes provide a challenge, blocks are for coloring and for a temporary respite from gravity acrobatics. Walls that just serve as a barrier do not fit in this game.

Thanks for playing and going to the trouble of writing an extensive review, though. Wish you had enjoyed it more.

Overall good game. Lacks a bit of complexity and originality, and was, to my view, a bit too easy.

TheSpydog responds:

Fair enough! Thanks for playing! :)