Reviews for "4 Warriors"

Sadly no upgrade functions for the units.
good ideas

I'm sorry, but is there any point to this game? You give me three groups of units that I can move, and after battle heal. Literally nothing else? Do you plan to expand upon this a bit?
Other than that, I like the idea of multi-sided defenses having to be managed though I'd prefer more of a preset where I can station different types of units on different sides in waves to counter those coming.

I love the main idea - reminds me of 300. =) But the gameplay could have been so much better. As whymeomg said - it gets repetitive way too fast. Upgrades would help a lot if you could upgrade every soldier separately...

Very glitchy game. Upgrades and/or a campaign mode. I survived for 9 days on insane mode and lost when they got to our archers. At the end of the day the heros, an archer, and an axeman stood. Then they overtook us and defeated us.

it's interesting, but overall it's highly repetitive with more and more enemies with no real upgrades or anything to keep it interesting. the game in general is pretty alright and isn't too bad.