Reviews for "4 Warriors"

nobody can copy tw!!!!!!!!! and thats a fact!!!!!!!!!

A tad bit repetitive and boring, but still, it had it's good moments when I was playing. What's lacking is upgrades or any feeling of progression through the game. But anyways, good game!

Keep it up! ;)

Not a bad game. I like the fact that you took an idea, and made a simple game, which still manages to grab people's attention. Everyone before me is correct, yes. It can be more sophisticated. And it CAN be improved upon. But sometimes it's nice to take a stop back from all of our complex games which require some sort of micro-management. Sometimes it's nice to take a breather. And the beauty of this game is its simplicity. So, good job. I like this game, and I hope other people can find the beauty in its simplicity too.

Alright. I think it could be more sophisticated though.

Woo, vikings! :D I happen to have a heritage from those myself. As for the gameplay, it's rather idle. I'd prefer being a part of the game instead of just clicking the teams and telling them were to go, but the battles play about well. It's like a mix of strategy and idle RPG. Pretty good!