Reviews for "4 Warriors"

First off, this is "nothing new or interesting". You control a couple of guys with your mouse to fight other guys. From that I took away a star because that is really *all* you do. There is no story, no advancement, no novel enemies, no upgrades. Then I took another half a star because you don't even need to control your warriors. I stopped at day 8 because you could just stand in the middle and wait. Until then even the archers alone, standing around without a player would have been enough! I also took away half a star because at first the game didn't advance to the second day, which seems to be a common occurrence.
In conclusion: if you want stars, make a real game. This is at most the beginning of one. Telling people where to run on an empty plane should not be your entire game!

Not a bad game. I like the fact that you took an idea, and made a simple game, which still manages to grab people's attention. Everyone before me is correct, yes. It can be more sophisticated. And it CAN be improved upon. But sometimes it's nice to take a stop back from all of our complex games which require some sort of micro-management. Sometimes it's nice to take a breather. And the beauty of this game is its simplicity. So, good job. I like this game, and I hope other people can find the beauty in its simplicity too.

Ok so I click start, kill the enemies, and then what?

It's an ok game, but mediocre at most.

Where are the enemies at?! I'm clicking on the 3 boxes that have a sword on it, clicked on my units and everything but no enemies appearing! Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?