Reviews for "4 Warriors"

Nothing too great could use some work but playable.

Music and the graphics were pretty good. What caught my eye was the art style. But as I played the game.... the 1st day was the only exciting part of the game. After I played for a bit, I realized there were no upgrades, story, level design, goal, etc. It was really disappointing that there was no point to this game. Literally all I did was click injured soldiers, click next battle, click start, watch.........., click next, click injured soldiers, click next battle, over and over.

Woo, vikings! :D I happen to have a heritage from those myself. As for the gameplay, it's rather idle. I'd prefer being a part of the game instead of just clicking the teams and telling them were to go, but the battles play about well. It's like a mix of strategy and idle RPG. Pretty good!


I love the main idea - reminds me of 300. =) But the gameplay could have been so much better. As whymeomg said - it gets repetitive way too fast. Upgrades would help a lot if you could upgrade every soldier separately...

The game has pretty cool animation. But the game design and game play are pretty much non-existent. The game-play strategy is very simple.put archers in middle+surround closely with melee troops and then watch simulation. Game-play gets repetitive very fast, within 2 mins u will be doing the same thing over and over again...so much could have been added in terms of gameplay...gameplay is non-existent..feels like watching a simulation...