Reviews for "4 Warriors"

it's interesting, but overall it's highly repetitive with more and more enemies with no real upgrades or anything to keep it interesting. the game in general is pretty alright and isn't too bad.

so... how I win in this?

No, this... just no.
Re developing this game from the beginning may be a solution.
Half Star just for the efforts done.

Very glitchy game. Upgrades and/or a campaign mode. I survived for 9 days on insane mode and lost when they got to our archers. At the end of the day the heros, an archer, and an axeman stood. Then they overtook us and defeated us.

A nice concept, though horribly excecuted.

Apart from the terrible english and horrible narrating, filled with numerous grammatical errors, the game runs smoothly. That is, if you do not consider the fact that your close combat troops cannot attack enemies when they arrive on screen, although enemy archers can still fire at you and that your troops always will attack enemy melee troops, no matter what you tell them to do.

I managed to, on easy difficulty (you cannot play any other difficulty, the game gets stuck at day 1), survive to day 29. The first 18 days was childs play, the archers killed anyone in their range. The cavalry was a problem easy solved with spearmen backed with said archers. On day 19, I was swarmed with cavalry from both sides who wiped out almost all archers. Without their support in taking down enemy archers, my spearmen was wiped out the next day. Without any spears but the hero, cavalry soon stomped my other troops to the ground. The heroes, having more health than all their respective troops added together, survived for a couple of days before succumbing to archers, which they wouldn't attack, even if I mashed the attack button. Apparently, rushing a horde of 50 cavalry with someone shooting arrows in your back is a smart move.

Apparently enemies target troops you try to strategically move out of range. This, in combination with you being forced to attack melee troops before you may attack archers, eliminates almost all possible tactic options save for the initial deployment. For a strategy game, I'd say that is pretty bad.

This game is barely a beta, much less a full game. Although the artwork looks nice, the music is fitting (though very repetitive) and the concept is interesting, it is otherwise horribly done. I hope you can take this critisism to heart and work it into a real game.

1 star for artwork and concept.