Reviews for "Resort Empire"

Really wish you would allow us to zoom out more on all your games :c

I played the game before on another account and it was fun and it still is :D

Okay, this game has glitched out and killed my game TWICE now. Once, understandable. Twice? I'm not happy. Especially spending about three hours on it the second time.

Okay, so the first time I tried to demolish my whole resort after expanding because it was a mess. So I destroyed everything, left a path for guests to leave while I waited for them to check out. But then this one couple got stuck. They just stood there and refused to move. I tried putting a facility right by them but nope. So I restarted the game. Now the couple is gone, great! Except wait, I can't delete any tiles. Oh and the room says it's empty, and the games says I have 0 visitors, but apparently the bar and cottage are being used by a visitor. I still can't delete any tiles I put down. So wait for day to start, and I get a new visitor, but now it says I have two visitors. The couple is back. I jump to them. Evidently they're stuck inside a hedge or the map or something because they're invisible. At this point I gave up.

So new game. I get all the way to six or seven stars. But oops, I accidentally put a hospital in the wrong place and I'm a bit low on cash. Let's just reload the game. Except now it's stuck on initializing objects and eventually just about freezes the browser. The sand texture is corrupting all over the place and it refuses to load. Well, there's my second save game gone.

And since I'm here, for the love of god, PLEASE, add a frigging move button. I don't care if it doesn't make sense. When I expand my layout gets all messed up, and I can't do anything to fix it. Except demolish some or all of my hard earned buildings. And there needs to be a way to rotate in all four directions, not just two. Finally, the grass texture is ugly. I mean, right on the title screen there's a facility with nice-looking grass with actual shading and all. Why can't I use THAT grass?

Uhg. This game is nice, and the art is cute, and yes I'm going to keep playing it. I'd recommend it to people. I wish there was more decoration options but for what it is it's fun. But gosh dang, fix the game-breaking bugs!

Like what many others suggest, it'd be great to have movable facilities or rooms. Maybe it's because I didn't really go through the tutorial, but maybe, there should be an option for advertisements to boost the popularity faster.

This is a nice game to occupy a couple hours of time :) The only thing I can think that I didn't like was that you can't move things once they're placed on the board :/