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Reviews for "Barbarium"

Very good!, you game get me. All the bosses were difficult to get the idea, but not imposible. It was a good challenge. It have some bugs, but nothing a game breaker.

I got, what I think, a bad end, if I got many metal I colud get a different ending?

Hypnohustler responds:

Thanks! You have to get almost ALL of the metal and almost ALL of the cartridges to get a good ending.

my game won't let me play, still a great game in other perspectives though so i rate 5 stars

Hypnohustler responds:

too bad your game wont let you play, thanks nevertheless :)

Those 2 years of your life were not wasted. This game reminds me so much of classic arcade..... Which is what i was sure you were going for. But Damn man, You've got some serious talent. I could seriously see this on a platform. I'd like to see it on the PSN myself man, but hey, you should really try.
Now for a real review, This music, the pixelated art, the gameplay, the everything. It was perfect for the type of game you were going for. From the fighting to the save... thing and hints. This sir, is a masterpiece.

Hypnohustler responds:

Thank you very much sir! :) Getting on PSN is something that is just not possible for this game but maybe in the distant future with another game :)

I think there's hardly anything to complain; graphics, sound, game-play; all perfect. Kudos!
Probably only the issue with having to choose between two kinds of fixed game controls.

Although some parts were extremely difficult; e.g. the one were the coldness showed the way was really frustrating.

I found a few [non serious] glitches (I think): Once I burned a soldier and suddenly a nearby larvae started to behave like a burning enemy (jumping around from left to right). In a lot of rooms I was able to walk on the ceiling. Then there was this strange bird boss bug, where the bird attacked me first, I left the room and when I returned the boss was stuck (and I was unable to proceed as I could neither kill him). Then there was this bad-ass room (the one which required about 13000 points and you had to jump over the birds: when you leave on the top exit it took me back to the start screen. A few times I was able to do slight wall-jumping (but it took a lot of time).

Parts of the game reminded me of QuackShot (especially "abusing" the birds with the new weapon).

Just two questions:
1) Is there any real secret to find where "the wall on the right seems hollow"? I tried to stack two barrels on each other as I thought there could be possibly a second wall to break (one tile above the ground) but never succeeded.
2) Do you happen to have a Flattr or Paypal account? I consider myself a pirate, but always would like to honor creators of art that I appreciate so much :-)

Hypnohustler responds:

I'll be sure to check in to those bugs, thanks for taking your time to report them. :)
1) There is a breakable wall there, you should be able to use barrels and find couple beers inside.
2) HypnohustlerGames (at) gmail.com is my paypal account. All donations go directly to my sons candy budget. :)

Hpnohustler, exactly what is drinking the beer I have supposed to do?

Hypnohustler responds:

It makes you a goddamn bad ass! (Your sword becomes a one hit killer)