Reviews for "Barbarium"

IT got boring fast. :( looked fun though.

Hypnohustler responds:

Sorry to hear that. Thanks anyway :)

Awesome game! I see that you answer all comments, that is great because i cant find a walkthrough :D maybe ill do one myself. im in the power station beta. besides a bug (?) that i can enter the wall i just cant make the far jump. its always a bit to far!

Hypnohustler responds:

You are able to make a jump even if you arent on a platform. Just jump a second after exiting the booster. The levels were designed with the air jump mechanic in mind so remember that when playing :)

Happiness is a barbarian with a laser, sword and jetpack.
Certainly has a few issues that need to be iron out like passing through walls in a couple spots; final boss not placing sentries at all the 2nd time I fought him, the bird boss being easy if you slash it then jump on the platform above it and wait for it to return then repeat, not really knowing what the beer does until the end, freezing when I dissapeared into a wall while messing around after the end.
It is certainly worth 5 stars nonetheless, I enjoyed the hell out of it!
(it also took me an embarassingly long time to figure out the green guys were slashable)

Hypnohustler responds:

Sorry to hear you encountered some bugs, and unfortunately I was unable to recreate them while playing. But I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed it still! Thanks :)

I remember those old men from the Legend Of Zelda games. I appreciate you including themes like that. I admit that some of the enemies seemed too difficult to kill. The worst offenders were probably those jumping green guys. I couldn't understand how to injure them. I'm glad you didn't have to kill a different old man every time for the medal. Wow, I'm deranged.

I thought the graphics were really good. I just like the idea of a barbarian having more than one weapon, one being a gun of all things. It reminds me of "Gundarr". The sounds were pretty authentic too. There was a unique way of showing health and of getting new things.

Hypnohustler responds:

Thanks! Really glad you liked the design choices.
You have to shoot the green guys and then slash them when they turn red :)

Great game, but the controls are kind of unresponsive. Also it's a pain to kill infected because you have to shoot then slash. I wouldn't have a problem if the gun doesn't have strong knockback. Last of all, what does beer even do? 3/5

Hypnohustler responds:

Thanks, the control issue might happen because of lag. You should try the standalone.

Beer makes you stronger, and actually enables you to kill the infected with only the sword. You can kill almost anything with just one hit when you're drunk. Enemies also fly further, which is hopefully fun. Oh and it doubles your score :)