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Reviews for "Barbarium"

A pretty solid effort. The jumping controls were a bit too floaty for my taste but the controls were solid otherwise. Customizable controls would have been very good here as well. I really like the setting, and the classic pixel style combined with the music totally gave that awesome 80s-post-apocalypse-B-movie vibe. Another great touch I have always personally appreciated in games is that you didn't get lazy and simply mirror the character when facing the other direction; you drew the weapons in the correct hands and that earns bonus points for me.

Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

Hypnohustler responds:

Thanks! I'm so glad you noticed that I didn't mirror the player. This is something I take great pride in. :) I'm sure you'll like my next game!

Nice game .. couldn't get past the bird yet.. you should put a walkthrough somewhere.

needs a map, more power ups, list of collectibles, a definite mission, some story

Hypnohustler responds:

Hit the bird with your plain sword. All those requests will be in the sequel :)

i love this game but in all honesty i dont like
pixel graphics but
other than that, great game!

Hypnohustler responds:

I'm glad you still liked it :) Thanks!

Those 2 years of your life were not wasted. This game reminds me so much of classic arcade..... Which is what i was sure you were going for. But Damn man, You've got some serious talent. I could seriously see this on a platform. I'd like to see it on the PSN myself man, but hey, you should really try.
Now for a real review, This music, the pixelated art, the gameplay, the everything. It was perfect for the type of game you were going for. From the fighting to the save... thing and hints. This sir, is a masterpiece.

Hypnohustler responds:

Thank you very much sir! :) Getting on PSN is something that is just not possible for this game but maybe in the distant future with another game :)

This is my very first time writing a review for a game on newgrounds website and all i can say is the 2 years were worth it. I'm slowly but steadily growing a addiction for this game. So basically this is perfect for me and have a nice day

Hypnohustler responds:

Thats the greatest thing you can say about my game :) Thanks!