Reviews for "Barbarium"

I'm really upset. I was playing this game through to the point where I had gotten the ice sword. So then spent 20 minutes doing the climb to get to the top of the ice area, only for it to tell me, you're not ready. Next time put some sort of sign saying that at the beginning.
So I go to the bottom to where the "road is out" sign is, get through that to the point with the old man in the cave with the guardian and they won't let me in, so I go to the exit and it kicks me back to the home screen and erased all my progress. So, as much as I enjoyed playing this game, that's it for me.
The content is good, but the difficulty is rather ridiculous at times. Having almost no save points in the mountain area is frustrating as hell, and nearly made me drop the game several times before now.
Also, was there supposed to be an ability upgrade from defeating the large crocodile things? (The second boss monster) because I didn't get one.

Hypnohustler responds:

I hear you, there are some design choices that I should probably look at again. When you develop a game as long as this one, you get accustomed to the difficulty, and thus become blind to the fact that it can be crushing to someone else...
I have to check into the erasing bug, that really should not happen.

Also, theres no upgrades after the crocodiles.

as far as i got in the game, its to be pretty good game.
too bad i will not start over again because saving does not work for me

Hypnohustler responds:

Have you enabled data saving in your browser settings?

I got bored really fast.I played for a while,and just reached a point where I couldn't play anymore. The technical side is great (art,control,sfx etc) the game itself was just boring for me.Maybe I expect too much from games. What i'm trying to say,maybe next time try making something more "fresh" (hopefully you're more or less getting what i'm trying to say) And don't get me wrong,I sit here and squirt jealousy all over the place because I wish I could turn my ideas into games. I'm giving you 4 stars because you don't deserve to get less just because I found the game boring,you did a great job and put a lot of time into it. Good luck in the future!

Hypnohustler responds:

I understand that browser games are usually supposed to satisfy a much shorter attention span, and this game is not suited for that. My next game is already underway and is a complete opposite of this game, gameplay wise. Hopefully it will suit you better! Thanks for the indepth review and the stars :)

my game won't let me play, still a great game in other perspectives though so i rate 5 stars

Hypnohustler responds:

too bad your game wont let you play, thanks nevertheless :)

my page crashed, so i refreshed it, i clearly still have my medals but it's only giving me the option to start a new game??

Hypnohustler responds:

Weird, it seems that many people are having save issues. You should try it on another browser, if you ever feel like going back :)