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Reviews for "Brain breaker"

Nice game, but you should work on the drawings and make it a little bit longer.

Nice game, but you should add more levels and work with your graphics.

:D a fun little game...Work on your drawing :-) all the best!!

A very easy one, Sorry, but I have seen better drawn and harder versions... not impressed.

artem2 responds:

Sorry, I`m not a good drawer...

In addition to what other people have already pointed out, you made some weird word choices (like saying "what word is unwanted" instead of "what letter") and you spelled some stuff wrong. Also when you get something wrong, the laughing sound continues for a while instead of stopping when you decide to try again. It wouldn't have hurt to go over the game a few times before submitting it to make sure there wasn't more you could fix. The buttons all seem to work well enough, though.

artem2 responds:

Sounds don`t stop because I made it in flash player.