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Reviews for "Calvin & Hobbes"

Absolutely loved Calvin and Hobbes while I was growing up! :)

I love this,I used to read the comics as a kid ,The animation is fluid the backgound look like the great,I love the little details like the fireplace and the snow .my ony Suggestion would be to ad a "AHH" or some kind of shocked sound effect when he actually get tackled.and maybe make him say somthing at the end.Other wise I loved it.5 stars I look forward to seeing more stuff like this

I love Calvin & Hobbes! I have their comic books also! Make more! AWESOME!

You, sir, have all my respect. Not only it's an awesome tribute to Calvin and Hobbes, but you have some great animation skills. Keep it up

This is a beautiful tribute to a fantastic comic. It looks so nice and it plays out as such a nice homage to Bill Watterson's works. Also, I gotta give you props for not having either character speak. That helped preserve that notion of Calvin sounds like what WE want him to sound like.

All and all, this is perfect.