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Reviews for "Calvin & Hobbes"

I am really impressed!
I loved how you did not make either of them talk.

I've read the original cartoons, and this feels like reading them all over again. Great job.

This is great. Thank you for not giving Calvin or Hobbes a voice, as that would have drastically changed it, not necessarily for the better. Calvin is sort of the original Gordon Freeman, except you know what he's saying, just not how he sounds. The animation was great too, it fit the style of the comic perfectly.

Again a very seamless animation and to Duckford. I'm glad people like you are so scarce with your cynical "How dare people like different things" approach.

I'd like to point out to ... ugh, "JesusHTwatbomb" that Watterson was NOT left off the credits, as he was credited at the very beginning of the animation, watch it again. However, I do agreee that the animation was smooth, clean, and it also stayed true to Watterson's original art style. I was hoping for impressive voice acting, but if you didn't have the right voice actors, then going for no voices was probably a much better choice. Overall, great work, I'd love to see more.