Reviews for "The Interview Codex"

This is a great thing. Plain and simple. I am a lurker here on Newgrounds, been here since Madness 1 was new, and most of the time I don't even log into my account, but this deserves my review. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to know what makes these great animators, voice actors, game makers, artists, musicians, etc. tick and why they do what they do, this project gives people like me a view into the lives of their favorite people on the internet.

I believe that being able to hear all of these success stories, starting with humble beginnings, will inspire more lurkers like me to come out of their shell, write reviews, and maybe even follow their hidden desires to become the next Egorapter or Psyco Goldfish. While it may not mean much coming from a no-named lurker, this is truly a great creation, and I think that it is something that all members of Newgrounds should read.

deathink responds:

I built this for no-names lurkers :D

finally now i get them all in a tidy flash, and it comes with medals!
bat can you add a button for next interview and previous to facilitate navigation?

deathink responds:

I will see what I can do about that...

Thank you for doing this. Really. Thank you. You're doing a service giving credit to him, while he's compiling the edda of newgrounds, so thank you.

deathink responds:

Some of the best interviews I have ever read :)

Finally, an easy way to read these interviews! I always had trouble to find The-Great-One"s interview page :/

Thank you for making my life much easier :D

i want to ouplad the game to another site