Reviews for "The Interview Codex"

This is actually a really clever idea and very well put together. The medals are slightly irritating... visit 100 times? Its all good just check the grammar in the descriptions for me. Very clean and a cool little gadget. Loads a little slow for me when flipping pages. Maybe a way to change the text size? Other than that good stuff.

deathink responds:

Thanks, yeah, i noticed that grammatical mistake, I'll get it fixed soon.

I actually find this a rather entertaining read. While it may not be considered an actual game it is something nice to look at and allows those who have only recently discovered newgrounds to learn about the community and the people who made this site the wonder that it is. It also grants a bit of perspective in the views and opinions of the more popular game creators and flash animators on the site. While I can't say I loved it, it was certainly a fresh change of pace. The music used was nice and a excellent choice but I would like to see more variety rather than it be a continuous loop as that can be monotonous at times. Also I would like to see more interviews because this actually does have potential, as well as a bit more interaction with the possibly the ability to favorite interviews. So as a final verdict I do this is something that people should take the time to look at and read. Sure it might not be perfect but nothing ever is, 4 1/2 stars out 5.

deathink responds:

Thanks man, I guess it is a work in progress :)

I always enjoyed that interviews. This makes everything better.

DeathInk, you rock.

deathink responds:

"I do a considerable amount of rolling too"-toonhole

i don't really like the interface.

-you can scroll down infinitely.
-you can load pages infinitely (despite there only being a finite # of interviews)
-clicking scroll buttons to scroll through an interview is not ideal.
-even in full screen mode, the color scheme isn't very easy on the eyes.
-when you mouse over an interview button, all it gives is the name of who the interview was with.

it would be better if the left half of the menu were the interviews from which you could choose (and scroll through AND search through) and the right half be a summary giving interviewee, date, etc.

scroll wheel integration is pretty important, not to mention a vertical bar in between the up/down arrows for scrolling that can be clicked and dragged.

deathink responds:

The scroll wheel should work, but you need to make sure you have focan on the flash. and the scroll bar is in the works of being implemented. Cheers!

Good content

OK so here is a fun game it was entertaining and this was something i could recomend to others since i enjoyed it myself, its a good start to the game and as you get into it, its pretty interesting. Well i must say this one was pretty interesting i like the idea of this, and i must also say that the music itself was pretty interesting and seemed to work well and was very smooth for the flash content, there was alot of content in this i especially like the one named "XwaynecoltX" hehe but really this was a good piece, and the effects and visuals was a nifty touch, i wouldnt mind some color in it, maybe some flashy color and such, now as for the medals they were cool but the 50 and 100 visits seems like it should be something more unique instead of just a repetitive. but overall this was a fun game and i enjoyed it. And so as i end here in this review i hope to see more of your work as this one was a pleasent one, not perfect but had a nice touch to it, so keep up the good work here.

And so here i may have some advice here but try and use some suggestions below and i hope that they may help in any improvment options, but here is what i came up with in my experience of your entry. So my advice on this would be to add more medals, and also adding more unique ones and not so much the repetitive ones, also mentioned about adding some more color to the layout and such but other then that this was actually alright.

deathink responds:

The "XwaynecoltX" interview is the best :D
And I will definitely add some more unique medals soon.