Reviews for "Just a Monday Collab"

Boby s part was pretty funny and well animated hehe

the credits song was so epic i just have to get this 5 stars and thank yous to all the creators for making this collab.

ReklessCreati0n responds:

I know, EQ did a great job with that song. Fit perfectly for the end haha! Thanks for the review man!

Did I say steak I meant snake, haha, Brewster's has got to be my favorite. There's a ton of creativity stuffed into this though, and so many different styles. I appreciated every single one of them, all with something unique to contribute and a few that would easily have made standalone movies. The Decky & Reckless part in particular was extraordinarily long for just a collab. Apart from the animations, even the credits were awesome, great with a preliminary showcase of all the characters and then previous on all of them, and there's comedy everywhere you look! Kind of wish this was in flash format instead of mp4, with menus and stuff (could've saved in filesize too), but I shouldn't be complaining about such trivialism. Great work!


ReklessCreati0n responds:

Started out as a flash format with menu's and everything as you were saying, but the file size was too much for flash to handle so we had to compromise and actually lost a bit of content in the process or compiling as a video file.

Thanks for watching, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

Awesome stuff, really enjoyed it. Lots of creativity and effort instead of just random stuff.

Thanks for sharing.

This most like real life events! Good job!