Reviews for "Pedrito Never Sleeps"

I love how the doctor crawls around. What happened to his limbs?


funymony responds:

That poor toy has been at the museum for over a year. Lots of the props there are mistreated by unsupervised children. Kids love to make fight scenes and sometimes they go overboard. ):

If you watch one of my previous stop-motions, you'll see that he used to have a bit more meat on his limbs! lol

This was superp! Like a fine wine amongst a cellar of ales beers and vodka! The voice acting was perfectly acceptable for the content, the "storyline" was random and chaotic in all the right ways, and the animation itself? Holy crap. I didn't even realize poseable figurines could look so flaily! I applaud the expression and sophisticated body language you got these stonefaced little actors to do. It was the grammar to the sentence-- without it the content would have been more stupid than silly.

funymony responds:


Animating with body language is fun! I'll admit, I don't want to do lipsyncing because I'm sure it'll be super tedious, although I wouldn't mind giving it a try. I wonder where I could get some mouth-stickers that they use on Robot Chicken...

Absolutely hilarious. Comedy gold right here. I loved the voices and just everything. Plus the complete uncertainty of what was gonna happen next was superb, in a strange and confusing, but perfect way.

funymony responds:

I never thought about unpredictability being the major driving force of my cartoons... Hmmn...
I think the trick is to not be completely random... I'll have to chew on this thought a bit more.

Thanks for your review!

This is just fucking funny!Dude,you are a genious!!!!! You deserve a hug!!!! ;D

funymony responds:

Hooray Hugs! Much better than food or money!

Thank you!

I liked it. This very realistically reminds me of how I used to play with dolls when I was a kid. The stop motion looked pretty good too.

funymony responds:

Haha, stop motion is a good excuse to play with toys.

I also make 2D cartoons. Long ago I was watching Cartoon Network at my Hotel Job and one of the guests asked me why an adult would watch cartoons. I told him "I have to learn from them to make them!"

But the real reason was that I enjoyed the show... I love the Misadventures of Flapjack!