Reviews for "Pedrito Never Sleeps"

seriously you do stop-motion as pretty looking as your 2D stuff, wich is fucking great.
that quadcripple dokter guy is just beutiful to watch !
pls don't stop doing shit on the internett

funymony responds:

Thanks dude, I have more stopmotion planned. I have already purchased a couple of toy dinosaurs, a helicopter, and a couple of bootleg ponies. MUAHaHaHAHAahahAhaha!

Dreadful. I dont understand the humor nor the fact this was rated 1 with pbot. it is clear that the sense of humor is de-evolutionizing into something rather like how lilwayne is a smart rapper and can make millions off of garbage. good work at ruining the human race

funymony responds:

It's a 2 minute short made with toys at a Museum that was animated in front of Children. The purpose of this short was to entertain and apparently it did its job well. I think you're searching in the wrong place for brain stimulating content. I hope you find something that suits your tastes.

Thanks for your review.

I have to admit that this made me laugh pretty hard. Kind of reminds me of Robot Chicken.

nice work man, pretty funny

funymony responds:

Thanks, dude!

Fantastic work all round, congrats!