Reviews for "Chaotic"

Not bad. Certainly fun for a few minutes but does get old after a bit. Throw in some more doodads and gizmos and I think you will have something solid.

The basic idea of it being utterly unpredictable is awesome, but the same general strategy applies to all mutations. Throw in some more variety with them and it would make it a nice kind of challenging.

I really hope you keep developing this!

Neat game. Want more :)

Gameplay was interesting and fun. I would have liked to be able to use a mouse though. Sound was simple and repetitive. The visuals were simple and repetitive.
In summary, this is a simple game with a neat gameplay idea but is short lived.

Could you please add some lifes, the game is too good to die so easily. :)

At first I didn't like it and thought the weapon was inconsistent. But then I realised that you're supposed to ignore and pretend you don't have a weapon and to avoid everything. After that it became much easier. It's simple with awsome sound effects. Keep up the good work.