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Reviews for "Chaotic"

Please, make a fullscreen mod!

It's a pretty awesome game, it's also addictive. Those triangles are a**holes though ><.

I like the idea, and the way the screen flashes and swirls is a both trippy and arcadish effect but as for the game itself it's more aggravating than it is addicting. If you had power-ups, or lifes, or something to encourage repetitive gameplay it would probably get much better. As it is I get so annoyed after a while that I just stop playing. Maybe it's just too high on the scale of challenge for me, but a good idea for a game, good music, good graphics, just too hard and/or unmotivational. Keep it going!


Super Hexagon and bubble tanks in one = great game. Those triangles are a bitch tho.

Not bad. Certainly fun for a few minutes but does get old after a bit. Throw in some more doodads and gizmos and I think you will have something solid.

The basic idea of it being utterly unpredictable is awesome, but the same general strategy applies to all mutations. Throw in some more variety with them and it would make it a nice kind of challenging.

I really hope you keep developing this!