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Reviews for "Give Up"


love it

Bahahaahaaaaa! I endured about 17 levels of pain. I'm proud of myself for hitting the Give Up button. Thank you for telling me it is okay. Haha! Good game, great concept.

New day, more chances to give up! Welp! Okay I made it to level 24....then gave up! LOL

Beat the game. I would regret it if I hit give up.

This game is awful. The controls are horrible and unresponsive as all hell, the gameplay is beyond infuriating, the framerate is just ridiculous, and the blood isn't even that realistic. And, above all, the narrator is about as unfunny as he can be. His lines are completely unoriginal, which is the sole fact that got me so furious at this game, and ultimately make me smash my keyboard to smithereens. I don't know why the author was even bothered to bring this godforsaken eyesore upon this cursed land, but thank god I'm done with it so I don't have to look at it anymore.

10/10 would recommend anytime