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Reviews for "Give Up"

It said, "You gave it your best" didn't it? Well, I just kept killing myself. I did give it my best at killing, though. I loved the game! It was so cool, how the spikes make it hard to get on to the platforms, the Tasselfoot speaker thingy (what is that?) kept taunting you, and how the blood went EVERYWHERE!! (well, not really). The only problem with it was that, I was expecting something more when I clicked the give up button, but still, it was inspirational.

I gav up and it seid NOOOOOOOO

failure gun placements and bullets passing though solid matter good for you....

Not bad but wears on your fingers. Though my arm is hurting right now so didnt go far. The flower ending thing and gay ass music though really takes out of the enjoyment. Also add more music tracks.

It's great! The robot exactly sounds like gladOs and the main character looks like the Portal 2 guy from the main menu. XD So I raged a couple of times trying to defeat the game and on 90% I was happy until my older brother clicked "GIVE UP" -.-